Popsuckette Theatre is a sock puppet theater show about sock puppets who run a theater. The show centers around the members of a local community theater: Phillipe, the director, Allison, the stage manager, William and Victoria, the actors, Sergio and Albert, the supporting actors, Gustave, the writer, Rob, the handyman, and Emcee, the emcee. The nine of them must set aside their differences and work together to keep their theater afloat, while dealing with all the petty day to day squabbles of working together in a dramatic space. Also they’re sock puppets.

Created by Jonathan Eaton, Popsuckette Theatre was originally conceived as a silly way to make fun of stage plays using sock puppets and abstract, avant-garde ideas. The concept was to write and present an incredibly serious stage production that would be performed by sock puppets, negating the seriousness of it all. The idea was shelved for about 6 years until it was resurrected as “a fun side project.” In 2012, after having made several short films under the brand This is 65 Films, Jonathan presented the idea for Popsuckette Theatre to his collaborators, Bekah Eaton, Chris Zaleski, and Mark Vowles. The 4 of them began working on Popsuckette Theatre immediately.

Throughout production, several other core crew members joined This is 65 Films’ production. Kelly Fuller provides the voice of Victoria and has since joined the writing staff. Brian Wade supplied a portion of the music, Katie Duerling and Jordan Lincoln provided skilled puppeteering, and John Walker became Popsuckette Theatre’s resident composer, creating original music for the show.

Season One of Popsuckette Theatre was finished in the fall of 2016, 4 years after a small group of Baltimorians with day jobs decided to start a “fun side project,” which turned out to be a much grander and more challenging creative endeavor. The cast and crew is already hard at work on Season Two, but hopefully it won’t be another 4 year-long wait.